An Address for Everyone

MPost is transformative and provides a simple, elegant Addressing  solution. Developed in Kenya .Mpost works on both smart phones as well as the older generation flip phones that are ubiquitous throughout Africa and in other developing regions. MPost addresses a problem that negatively affects the lives of hundreds of millions of people throughout the developing world, especially Sub-Saharan Africa and other parts of the developing world.

How it works

Customers pay a fee to sign up. Registration generates a unique postal code that follows the customer wherever their phone goes. When a letter or package arrives for them at the local post office, the customer is automatically notified with a choice to either pick up the item or to have it delivered wherever they are by the post office’s direct delivery service via motorcycle guided by GPS. MPost also allows customers to track their letters and packages. For people sending packages via the MPost system, MPost installs special, branded hardware in post offices to generate bar-coded address labels.


DIAL *890*90#

on your mobile phone and  follow the simple steps or register online and  fill the form  after which you go to pay bill enter business number [506500]   and account  [mobile number- postal code].